Commercial programs

Outlets have to comply with the expectations of modern people both in their image and in the attitudes to life generated by them. They have to be able to accommodate new technological developments, equipment and methods in order to provide an even wider scope of services to the customer.
It is not the direction, but the means and the speed that must be changed!

Within our franchise system we have designated our new programme the “New Era”. This intends to express the idea that a new situation requires greater swiftness as well.

We strive to renew and reform the former store technology and offerings, and also to make use of new furnishings. We have made our developments into a new system, one aligned with the new situation, and it is already clear that they can hold their own.

Join our programme, as those who can innovate nowadays will be remembered by the customer, and during the next medium-term time period a vast number of new customers can be won over to our system.

Day by day millions of people across Europe consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The quality of our products has to comply with a number of requirements, amongst others with the governing rules and regulations being in force, the expectations of the Customers, and also with food safety regulations.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.